Third RCAF 2023 Commanding Officer and Senior Appointments Announcement

A host of new Commanding Officers and senior appointments were announced recently for the upcoming annual posting season by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

RCAF Commander Lieutenant-General Eric Kenny.

“My sincere congratulations to all. These appointments reflect your significant contributions to the RCAF, and they carry with them a heightened degree of expectation of your perusal and professional attributes.

“Our newly integrated proactive disclosure process confirmed you have the right character to accomplish our mission. Your first homework is to deeply comprehend the renewed CAF Ethos: Trusted to Serve. You are to lead by example and embody the high level of trust Canadians, our Government and our Armed Forces personnel deserve,” stated LGen. Eric Kenny, Commander of the RCAF, in CANFORGEN 081/23.

This is the third announcement of RCAF appointments. More are to follow.

A CP-140 Aurora aircraft flies over HMCS GLACE BAY during Operation NANOOK 2020 on August 21, 2020. Photo by Corporal David Veldman, Canadian Armed Forces Photo.

Newly Announced Appointments

The Commanding Officer and senior appointments announced recently by the RCAF are as follows:

  • Col. Neil Cameron is appointed to C Air Force- D Air Res.
  • MWO (P) Scott Baker is appointed CWO at C Air Force- D Air Pers MGT.
  • CWO Sebastien Robichaud is appointed DFS CWO at C Air Force.
  • MWO (P) Jay Smith is appointed C Air Force- INT-A Sr SUB OCC ADV.
  • MWO (P) Adam Bainbridge is appointed Staff Officer Loadmaster Readiness at 1 Canadian Air Division.
  • MWO (P) George Arnt is appointed A4 Maintenance Aviation Systems Senior Occupational Advisor at 1 Canadian Air Division.
  • MWO (P) Susana Keyes is appointed A4 Supply 4 at 1 Canadian Air Division.
  • CWO Clayton Emms is appointed Airborne Electronic Sensor Operator at 1 Canadian Air Division Headquarters.
  • CWO Morgan Biderman is appointed Search and Rescue Technician Operation Senior Occupational Advisor at 1 Canadian Air Division.
  • MWO (P) Scott MacDonald is appointed HQ CWO at 1 Wing.
  • CWO Janet Ekstrom is appointed 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron CWO.
  • MWO (P) Serge Boilard is appointed 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron CWO.
  • CWO Rob Overton is appointed 2 Air Maintenance Squadron CWO.
  • LCol. Sebastien Gorelov is appointed 3 Wing OSS Commanding Officer.
  • LCol. Maxime Renaud is appointed 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron Commanding Officer.
  • MWO (P) Kyle Seleski is appointed 4 Wing DWCOMD BR CWO.
  • CWO Daniel Marlow is appointed 401 Tactical Fighter Squadron CWO.
  • LCol. (AWSE) Evan Sudul is appointed 409 Tactical F Squadron Commanding Officer.
  • MWO (P) Daryll Wilts is appointed 409 Tactical F Squadron CWO.
  • MWO (P) Dean Gullacher is appointed 4 Wing MSS CWO.
  • Maj. Richard Quickfall is appointed 5 Wing OSS Commanding Officer.
  • MWO (P) Robert Lutz is appointed 8 Wing DWCOMD BR CWO.
  • CWO Carl Phaneuf is appointed 424 (T and R) Squadron CWO.
  • CWO Glen Slauenwhite is appointed 426 (T) TRG Squadron CWO.
  • MWO (P) Daniel Lapierre is appointed 8 Wing OSS CWO.
  • CWO Bradley Honell is appointed 8 Air Communications and Control Squadron CWO.
  • MWO(P) Steve Bodnar is appointed 402 Squadron CWO.
  • CWO Rachel Rickard is appointed 15 Wing- Wing CWO.
  • CWO April Roach is appointed 19 Wing DWCOMD BR CWO.
  • CWO Ghislain Pare is appointed 19 AMS CWO.
  • CWO Robert Valenti is appointed 418 SAR (OT) Squadron CWO.
  • MWO (P) Stacey Blackmore is appointed 422 (T and R) Squadron CWO.
  • CWO Francois Lechasseur is appointed 19 Wing MSS CWO.
  • MWO(P) Todd Combden is appointed CFSATE CWO.
  • MWO(P) Sean MacEachern is appointed RCAF Reserve CWO.
  • CWO Dylan Lee is appointed RCAF Reserve Careers CWO.
  • MWO(P) Robert Simms is appointed AR COORD CWO.
  • MWO(P) David Shears is appointed RCAF Professional Development RTM CWO.
  • CWO Shawn Mailer is appointed RCAF Academy SCWO.
A Royal Canadian Air Force CC-150 Polaris from 437 Transport Squadron takes off to conduct an air-to-air refueling mission during Exercise MAPLE FLAG 51 at 4 Wing, Cold Lake, Alberta on June 12, 2018. Photo by: OS Seymour, 4 Wing Imaging

An Agile Force

In his message, the RCAF commander reminded new appointees of the task that lies ahead of them.

“The RCAF is an agile, integrated and inclusive air and space force which can be relied on to achieve operational advantage. To that end, I depend on you to lead our aviators with integrity, courage and conviction. As you prepare to assume your critical leadership opportunities within the RCAF, I challenge each of you to think about how you will ensure that every member under your command can thrive and grow in a safe, inclusive and respectful environment. I am confident that you are well prepared to succeed in this critical command responsibility,” noted LGen. Kenny.

He also looks forward to the opportunity to converse with the new appointees at a future RCAF Unit Command Team Orientation Program Session.

Career managers will coordinate with Command 1 CAD, Command 2 CAD, Command 3 CSD or COMD RAWC about the change of command dates, according to the CANFORGEN. Additionally, individual posting and promotion messages will follow.

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