PaCE Replaces CF Personnel Appraisal System

PaCE has replaced the Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System. According to the CAF, the move is a step in revolutionizing the culture within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

According to CANFORGEN 048/23, the new Performance and Competency Evaluation (PaCE) differs fundamentally from the CFPAS system and will be used for the Annual Performance Appraisal Cycle beginning FY 2022-2023.

“It is the tool that will be used to measure inclusive behaviours. Objective and impartial appraisals are critical to support the CAF’s culture evolution and maintain trust in the performance appraisal process and the merit-based promotion system,” stated the CANFORGEN announcing the implementation of PaCE.

Important Protocols for PaCE

There are a number of important steps PaCE users must keep in mind to ensure accuracy and fairness for all.

All CAF personnel subject to a Performance Appraisal Report are advised to have their job description and member aspiration profile finalized in the PaCE System to ensure accuracy.

“Failure to do so will lead to a lack of critical information impacting the various appraisals processes and will cause delays at all production stages,” stated the CANFORGEN.

PaCE’s system is based on the “CAF Competency Model,” which analyzes rank-specific competencies, facets and behavioural indicators.

The PaCE Higher Level Review Ranking is left up to the direction of Level 1 Organizations. They must determine the ranks and number of files that should be reviewed at the desired rank. Ranks exempt from the HLRR include Brigadier General, Commodore, Major General, and CWO/CPO1 employed beyond the tactical level.

Certain Exemptions

The CAF has given a one-year delay in implementing PaCE to certain primary preserve subcomponent organizations. These organizations include:

  • Canadian Army Primary Reserve Class A units, Class A Personnel, and Class B Personnel on the Canadian Army Primary Reserve List;
  • Canadian Forces Health Services Group Primary Reserve Class A Units and Class A Personnel.

Further Information

For detailed information about PaCE, visit the PaCE websites on the DWAN here or here or reach out to the PaCE project common inbox at here (INTERNAL) and here (EXTERNAL).

For detailed information, questions or clarification, CAF personnel can contact the Administrative Response Centre at INTERNET: CMPARC.CRACPM(AT SIGN)FORCES.GC.CA, OR INTRANET: (PLUS SIGN)CMP ARC – CRA CPM(AT SIGN)CMP DGMP(AT SIGN)OTTAWA-HULL or call 1-833-445-1182 or visit here.

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