Field urination devices free for eligible CAF Personnel

Field urination devices will now be free for eligible Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, thanks to the military’s ongoing mission to make the workplace more inclusive.

Field urination devices will be issued as part of the standard kit to increase the efficiency, safety, and hygiene of military members, according to a CANFORGEN 108/22 released this month.

“The ability to easily urinate while working in locations where there is no access to traditional toilets is essential, not only for health reasons, but for operational effectiveness as well. In order to be able to urinate when working in the field or in locations away from a washroom, members often have to remove clothing and personal equipment, including protective gear. Because of this, members end up holding their urination which could result in health issues such as urinary tract infection (UTI),” stated the CANFORGEN.

Entitlement Details

All entitled Regular and Reserve Force members are eligible to obtain the device. Entitled members here means “those individuals within the CAF who are authorized to draw operational clothing IAW Refs A, B, and C.”

Members are also eligible for reimbursement of the purchase of a device of their choice for up to a maximum amount of $60 every two years.

Other instructions include:

  • Applicable taxes will be reimbursed over the $60
  • Regular shipping costs and foreign currency exchange costs will be reimbursed only if they are within the allotted amount.

Selection of the FUD

According to the CANFORGEN, it is the member’s responsibility to choose a medical grade material FUD to ensure hygiene and safety. Members are also instructed to clean the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

CAF members are also encouraged to buy environmentally friendly devices. However, there will be no physical inspection of the FUD being reimbursed.


Individuals must submit their request for reimbursement via CF 52, General Allowance claim, along with their original proof of purchase to their unit orderly room IOT to initiate the reimbursement process.

Other instructions are as follows:

  • Receipts and supporting documents must be dated within the same FY as the claim being submitted.
  • Supporting documentation must clearly identify the device being claimed and its cost.
  • For audit purposes, units will be required to maintain a list of all members claiming these funding assistance entitlements.
  • Units will be required to retain all claims receipts and supporting documentation IAW Ref E Para 10.

Questions on financial requirements and clarification on the policy should be directed by email to (plus sign)dsspm clothing – vetements dapes(at)adm(mat) dsspm(at)ottawa-hull.

For frequently asked questions, refer to the FAQ – clothing reimbursement program here.

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