Canadian Forces National Counter Intelligence Unit currently recruiting

The Canadian Forces National Counter Intelligence Unit is currently looking for an elite calibre of military members to fill Counter Intelligence Operator Positions.

“CI Operators perform sensitive and complex intelligence operations in support of DND and CAF priorities. They identify threats posted by hostile intelligence services or persons engaged in espionage, sabotage or other interference activities,” stated CANFORGEN 024/23, calling CAF members to CI positions.

CI Operators deploy in various circumstances with either a task force, other government departments or interagency partners. Their job is to protect personnel, property, and national security information.

Requirements For Job

To work as a Counter Intelligence Operator, applicants are required to have outstanding communication skills.

“Operators require a depth of character, integrity, and maturity,” read the CANFORGEN.

Specific requirements for Regular and Primary Reserve members are as follows, according to the CAF:

  • MOSID (military occupational structure identification code): any except 00349 and 00161
  • Rank: MS/MCPL (PLQ preferred) to PO1/WO and SLT/LT to Lt(N)/Capt
  • Meet the standard for current and valid force test
  • Medical category is as per MOSID requirements with no serious or limiting medical employment limitations and no restriction
  • Security clearance must be top secret. Clearance or confirmation that obtaining clearance is in process is necessary.
  • Applicants must have a valid provincial or territorial driver’s license
  • English is a must as learning and working environment will be in English.
  • Should have operating skills with proficiency using Microsoft Office

Important Dates

Anyone interested in working as a Counter Intelligence Operator should initiate the screening process by March 15, 2023, by emailing ++ktd@cfnciu@kingston. Upon sending a notice of intent, military members will be sent a recruitment package. The package must be completed and sent to the pertinent email address by April 1.

Successful applications will mean CAF members should expect to be on the CI course starting September this year. If successful, a posting to CFNCIU could follow. However, completing the course does not guarantee a posting to the unit. Unit commanding officers and career managers must be notified.

Selection Process

There are three stages for the CI selection process, according to the CANFORGEN. In stage one, applications and supporting documents will be reviewed along with background checks and reference checks will be conducted.

Stage two consists of a formal interview. Officers will undergo an additional interview.

Stage three is notification of a successful application.

The CAF clearly advises applicants not to discuss their application outside their chain of command and should not indicate their intentions on social media.

For more information about CFNCIU, visit here on the DWAN.  If you have questions, reach out at ++ktd@cfnciu@kingston.

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