2023 Special Requirement Commission Plan Announced

For all those non-commissioned members looking to jump ranks to an officer, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recently announced the Special Requirements Commissioning Plan (SRCP) for 2023.

“SRCP is focused on meeting the limited and special needs of officer MOSIDS (military occupational structure identification code) and is a position driven process,” stated CANFORGEN 156/22 announcing this year’s SRCP.

The plan aims to give non-commissioned members a chance to move to the ranks of commissioned members while allowing the military to capitalize on the skills of chief warrant officers (CWO) and chief petty officers (CPO1).

Because it is a position driven process, once the open positions are identified for the 2023 active posting season (APS), members may apply or be nominated.

“Participants within the SRCP must be aware that no occupation training will be provided and that they must possess the competencies and qualifications required for the position under consideration,” read the CANFORGEN.

SRCP aims to give non-commissioned members a chance to move to the ranks of commissioned members while allowing the military to capitalize on the skills of chief warrant officers (CWO) and chief petty officers (CPO1). Image: Members deployed on Operation REASSURANCE as part of enhanced Forward Presence-Latvia participate in Exercise SILVER ARROW at Camp Adazi Training Area, Latvia, September 27, 2020. Photo by enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Imagery Technician, Canadian Armed Forces Photo. Image courtesy of CAF.

SRCP Timeline

The CAF has announced the timeline for interested NCMs looking to take advantage of this program. Identified positions were announced to all levels and units on Oct. 31. Then, by Feb. 6, unit commanders will approve candidates for the program either through nomination or applications.

The Director Senior Appointments (DSA) will then provide the list of candidates for review and recommendation by Feb. 13, 2023, with the finalized list being sent forward by Feb. 20, 2023, noted the CANFORGEN.

The selection board process will be conducted on March 2 and will then assign candidates to positions while considering the Strategic Intake Plan.

Those who are not chosen then could be considered for positions throughout the year if they become available. However, they will need to be resubmitted for any future SRCP opportunities.

Criteria for SRCP

The following criteria is required to fill an SRCP position:

  • No suitable offer is available to fill the position.
  • The position has been identified as a position that cannot remain vacant and will profit from the experience of a CPO1 or CWO.
  • The gaining unit has provided written consent to accepting an SRCP officer for the position.
  • The terms of reference for each position have been provided to DSA.

The CANFORGN makes it clear that qualified officers will not be removed from the position to make room for an SRCP candidate.

The specific requirements for applicants are as follows:

  • Candidates must be serving as CWO or CPO1 for three years.
  • Have current terms of service and ability to serve, depending on service requirement, until compulsory retirement age 55 or 60. Candidates are encouraged to select CRA 60.
  • Candidates must meet the specific requirements for the position and possess the “personal and professional” attributes to fill the permanent vacant officer position.
  • Candidates must have a current fitness test that meets the minimum CAF standard.
  • They must have a medical category that meets the minimum for an officer for the occupation being considered.

Candidates should be nominated by the chain of command or an officer commanding and be supported by the respecting ECS, Branch, and CAF succession planning requirements.

Those NCMs looking to fill positions to a lieutenant commander or major position will require the completion of one post-tactical leadership team appointment for two or more years.

Those chosen for this program will be released in the future at the rank of LT(N)/Capt or Lieutenant-Commander/Major, if applicable, and not at their NCM rank.

For more information, CAF members can contact Capt. Frigon at 613-901-8170 or via email DGMC DSA SRCP – DGCM DNS PNSCO CMP DSA OTTAWA-HULL.

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