Special coin released to commemorate 100th First World War Armistice

With Remembrance Week approaching Canadians can look to their pockets to find the new commemorative coin in their spare change. Earlier this month the Royal Canadian Mint released their 100th anniversary Armistice coin in general circulation. 

Designed by Canadian Artist, Laurie McGaw, the back of the coin depicts a poignant pairing of two symbols of remembrance.  A soldier’s “Brodie” helmet represents the end of the First World War and serves as a reminder of the many lives lost during this conflict. 

Below the helmet, is a large poppy, the official flower of remembrance inspired by the Canadian poem In Flanders Fields.  Two more poppies are engraved on the outer portion of the coin, with a banner with the words, “remember,” “souvenir,” and the year “2018”.

“The Mint is proud to share the story of bravery, sacrifice, and determination, on both the battlefield and the home front, by Canadians, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, which secured Allied victory in the First World War,” said Jennifer Camelon, Interim President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, in a press release.  

“With a new coin commemorating the Armistice, Canadians may remember our predecessors who risked their lives or made the ultimate sacrifice in the First World War to defend our values and freedoms.”

Three million coins will be distributed, with two million being selectively coloured, while the remaining one million will be left unpainted. 

In remembrance, the Royal Canadian Mint has also unveiled a new Armistice collection, which includes several new coins and products that are now available for purchase. 

For more information about the Royal Canadian Mint, or to order the exclusive products from the Armistice collection, visit their site here.

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