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More Christmas Movies to Watch This Holiday Season

Although Christmas classics remain classics for a reason, new movies are a great addition to your family’s Christmas movie lineup. Here’s our roundup of the best new Christmas movies, along with a few classic, streaming has to offer:


Spirited | Apple+

A hilarious musical comedy, a modern retelling of A Christmas Carol, Spirited lightly pokes fun at all the adaptions that have been made of the timeless classic over the last few decades. It tells the tale of the Ghost of Christmas Present, who is inching towards retirement and is looking for one last soul to redeem. Starring Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds, and Octavia Spencer. (2022)


Last Christmas | Netflix

While working as an elf in a year-round Christmas store, a woman who attracts mishap meets a man who seems way out of her league. As the holiday season unfolds, so does the unlikely romance between the two. The flick features music from the late George Michael. Starring Henry Golding, Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Emma Thompson. Last Christmas is scheduled to leave Netflix on Dec. 31, 2022. (2019)


Bad Moms Christmas | Netflix

In this sequel to the 2016 comedy to Bad Moms, moms Amy, Kiki, and Carla are back again, only this time stumbling through the pressures of the holiday season. An added bonus: they have to do so while entertaining their own moms. Starring Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, and Susan Sarandon. (2017)


Nailed it! Holiday! | Netflix

Nailed it! Holiday! is the holiday edition of the popular Netflix bake-off reality show. Since 2018, novice chefs have been battling each other to create holiday-themed foods to earn $10,000. Hosted by Nicole Byer, Jacques Torres, Charity George.


The Santa Clauses | Disney+

The highly popular Santa Clause movies from the 1990s and early 2000s have been transformed into a Christmas comedy television series on Disney+. The show catches up with a much older Scott Calvin who must find someone else to fill his role one day. Starring Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Austin Kane. (2022).


Noelle | Disney+

Kris Kringle’s daughter, Noelle, wishes to make her mark in the family business and is finally given a chance when her brother, who is groomed to take over their father’s role, goes missing. Noelle then must find him and bring him back to save Christmas for everyone. Starring Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader, Shirley MacLaine. (2019).


The Family Stone | Disney+

An uptight businesswoman visits her boyfriend’s eccentric family during Christmas only to discover how displaced she is. But the real trouble unfolds when her sister is brought in for reinforcement. Starring Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel McAdams, Dermot Mulroney. (2005).


Your Christmas or Mine | Prime Video

After two very much in-love students say goodbye for the Christmas holidays at a train station, they both make a snap decision to switch trains to join the other for Christmas. What ensues, unfortunately, is both being trapped for the holidays with the other’s family. Starring Asa Butterfield, Cora Kirk, Lucien Laviscount. (2022).


Office Christmas Party | Purchase

Featuring an ensemble cast, Office Christmas Party hilariously outlines all the raucous mishaps office parties over the holiday season can cause. However, in this story, partying hard might just save the jobs of these employees. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, T.J. Miller, Kate McKinnon and many more. (2016).


Click and Collect | BritBox

This British Christmas comedy tells a tale many parents can relate to. After Andrew Bennett fails to buy his daughter’s top Christmas present, he must make peace with his overzealous neighbour to find the exact Sparklehoof the Unicorn Princess his daughter wanted. Staring Stephen Merchant, Asim Chaudry. (2018).


The Man Who Invented Christmas | CBC Gem

There are many adaptions to the classic Charles Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol. But what’s the story behind the story? The Man Who Invented Christmas attempts to answer this question as it takes audiences on a journey behind what led Charles Dickens to write this masterpiece. Starring Dan Stevens, Christopher Plummer, Jonathan Pryce. (2017).


The Moody’s | Acorn

This comedy series offers a hilarious take on how a dysfunctional family can get through the holiday season. Starring Denis Leary, Elizabeth Perkins.


Home for Christmas | Netflix

This Norwegian holiday series focuses on one woman’s mission to find a boyfriend in 24 days to take home to meet her family after being picked on for always being single. (2019)


A Storm for Christmas | Netflix

In this Norwegian TV series, a group of strangers must band together to survive being stranded at Oslo airport just before Christmas. Starring Sus Wilkins, Ida Elise Borch, Hanna Ardenn. (2022).


Christmas on Mistletoe Farm | Netflix

A widowed father, along with his children, navigates farm life after inheriting it after Christmas time in this heart-warming Netflix movie. Starring Scott Garnham, Ashley Jensen. (2022).


About Fate | Prime Video

On one stormy New Year’s Eve, under wild circumstances, two strangers find the meaning of love together. Starring Emma Roberts, Thomas Mann. (2022).


A Very Murray Christmas | Netflix

This star-studded comedy musical features Bill Murray as himself. On Christmas Eve, after a massive storm causes his live Christmas special to be cancelled, Murray and his staff must find a way of still making the night special for all those around. Many celebrities star as themselves in this musical film. Starring Bill Murray, Amy Poehler, George Clooney, Chris Rock, and many more. (2015).


Home Alone Series | Disney+

A Christmas classic movie that still keeps adding more films to its lineup, the Home Alone series allows families to relive memories while also making new ones. Follow the adventures of Kevin McCallister this holiday season with your family on Disney+. Starring: many different cast members throughout the years.


A Clusterfunke Christmas | CraveTV

A motivated real-estate executive heads to a small town to buy the Clusterfunke Inn, but after meeting the Inn’s handsome nephew, she rethinks all of her plans. This comedy is a spoof on Hallmark movies. Starring Michael Benyaer, Karen Burkett, Sharon Crandall. (2021).


Who Killed Santa: Murderville | Netflix

Building on the quirky, unique Will Arnett Netflix series, Who Killed Santa? Is a who dunnit comedy like no other. Detective Terry is back with his celebrity friends to uncover who killed Santa Claus before Christmas. The real kicker of this movie? It’s totally unscripted. Starring Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Maya Rudolph. (2022).


Something from Tiffany’s | Prime Video

Based on the novel of the same name, Something from Tiffany’s is about how one little mixup leads two strangers to each other, all thanks to an engagement ring from Tiffany’s. Starring Joey Deutch, Kendrick Sampson. (2022)

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