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Veterans Affairs Canada launches consultation to improve outreach to Veterans and families

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) is launching a consultation to ensure that all Veterans and their families are fully aware of the range of benefits and services available to them.

Both VAC and the Government of Canada hope that this consultation will ensure that everyone who has served in the Canadian Armed Forces understands methods to access support.

“Currently, about 20 per cent of Veterans receive support from Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). We want to better understand why many former military members are not approaching VAC for assistance, or why we are not always reaching those who may benefit from our programs and services,” reads the VAC Consultation website.

The consultation has been unveiled online and encourages retired CAF members and their families to participate. The Department is wishing to hear directly from Veterans who are not receiving any benefits or services from VAC at present.

The online consultation will examine possible barriers preventing retired military members from reaching out to VAC in order to get support. Any feedback received from the consultation will be used as a way to help the Department improve communication with Veterans so that everyone is able to stay informed about the services available to them.

The consultation is set to run until the end of March via on the website.

There will also be in-person discussion groups taking place in communities across Canada this Spring, which are designed for Veterans preferring to share their perspectives face-to-face. Details regarding these sessions will be published on their website as well as on the Department’s social media platforms.

Findings will be released after the consultation is fully complete this summer.

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