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Honour Country Sacrifice Project aims to create public awareness for Canadian military personnel and veterans

Toronto-based photographer Trevor Godinho is using photography to create public awareness regarding the sacrifices made by Canadian Armed Forces members and Veterans.

Godinho says the concept came from his observations of how the public’s view of the military, as well as, veterans have changed over time.

“We as a society went from revering and respecting them to taking their sacrifice for granted and becoming desensitized to their needs,” says Godinho. “If you’re heading to downtown Toronto on the TTC, you can’t help but see reservists in their uniforms making their way to Fort York or to one of the city’s armouries. But what got me was the thought of how many vets or active service (in civilian clothing ) sit next to us, and we think nothing of it while taking it for granted that there’s someone out there fighting for our freedoms.”

The Honour Country Sacrifice Project will include 400 portraits and audio bites of CAF members.

Already two years in the making, Godinho has partnered with Edmund Chien, a member of Treble Victor, which has caused a snowball effect of interested military members and Veterans.

“My email is filling up with servicemen and women who want to be part of it. It’s a blessing and honour to have their support,” says Godinho.

As the process continues to capture all 400 subjects, Godinho is already thinking of the possibility of a travelling exhibit with hopes of ending at the National Gallery in Ottawa.

“Projects like this are extremely important as it creates visual public awareness to the sacrifice of so many that we never see or will never meet,” says Godinho. “It also humanizes what we think the military is and stands for.”

For more information about Trevor Godinho or the Honour Country Sacrifice Project, visit his website here.

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