Training in Wainwright wraps up for as 1 CMBG prepares for High Readiness

Training for Maple Resolve 2019 wrapped up yesterday as 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (1 CMBG) prepares for a year of high readiness.

Early May saw over 5,000 soldiers from Canada, the United States, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom participate in the Exercise Maple Resolve. This exercise took place in Wainwright, Alberta.

The training event was designed and developed by the Wainwright based Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre, and involved personnel from 1 CMBG. They were preparing to assume the duties of a high-readiness brigade in order to support the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) operational commitments, and Canada’s defence policy Strong, Secure, Engaged.

Colonel Pete Huet, the commander of the CMTC said, “The Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre designs and executes collective training exercises year-round to prepare forces for the challenges and complexities of the contemporary operating environment.

“Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE 19 was the venue for our soldiers to maintain their warfighting skills, conduct full-spectrum operations, and integrate with key partners and allied forces. Incorporating lessons learned from across the Canadian Army enables us to effectively train soldiers to respond appropriately and decisively.”

Maple Resolve is designed to train soldiers in environments similar to what they would be facing in today’s conflicts, down to simulated villages populated with professional actors, and even simulated media and social media environments.

Participating military personnel use a variety of tactics, simulation technology, weapons, vehicles and aircrafts in order improve their skills in as a realistic, changing, and challenging environment as possible.

“Throughout 3rd Canadian Division’s Road To High Readiness, 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group trained tactically and realistically in austere environments while making deliberate investments in our readiness, resilience and growth. Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE 19 mobilized our entire formation and challenged our combined arms teams in dynamic force-on-force scenarios using instrumented simulation. 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group remains ever strong, proud and ready to respond to domestic contingencies in support of Canadians,” said Colonel Bob Ritchie, Commander of 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group.

Canadian troops were joined by more than 600 soldiers from the U.S Military, 150 soldiers from the British Army, 40 soldiers from the French Army, and two Observer Controller Trainers from the Australian Army.

The army works off a three-year cycle that rotates throughout the Divisions. Each Division will be on the Road to High Readiness training once every three years. Currently, 1 CMBG is on the Road to High Readiness, while 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group in Valcartier, Quebec is currently at High Readiness and 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group in Petawawa, Ontario is in the support phase.

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