Vintage Wheels and Wings July 29

For the last ten years, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWHM) has been putting on their Vintage Wheels, and Wings show on for the residents of Mount Hope, ON and surrounding areas.

“This show was actually started by one of our volunteers who was into cars, and he thought it was a great combination. Most people who like vintage cars also like vintage aircraft, so we put the two together,” said Al Mickeloff, Marketing Manager for the CWHM.

Mickeloff said the show runs in their parking area and the lot is large enough to hold around 600 vintage cars. Depending on the weather, the CWHM fills the entire lot typically.

“We stick to vintage cars that are 20 years old and more. We’ve seen some amazing cars. We’ve seen things from as far back as the 1920’s,” Mickeloff added. “We’ve seen the Munsters car. The car that Herman used to drive, we’ve actually had that car and (the owner) brought it to that. It was just hilarious to see it.”

The show begins at 9 a.m., and runs until 4 p.m., and normally brings in about 1,500 attendees. Admission for the show is Adults $15, Seniors (65+) $13, Students (13-17) $13, Youth (6-12) $10, and free admission for museum members. For $5, vintage car owners can have their picture taken in front of a vintage warplane.

“They have a 1960’s vehicle, and we put them in front of a 1960’s jet or something like that and take somewhat of an era photo,” said Mickeloff.

According to Mickeloff, the Vintage Wheels and Wings show is unlike any other car show.

“Even though there’s a lot of car shows in the area, you know you see them at A&W on a Thursday night type of thing, but what we’re able to offer is almost unlimited space for the vintage cars here,” Mickeloff added.

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Miranda Brumwell

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