Vice Admiral Mark Norman temporarily relieved of Vice Chief of the Defence duties 

VAdm. Mark Norman was relieved of his duties as vice chief of the defence staff earlier today by Gen. Jonathan Vance, Chief of the Defence Staff.

In a statement, Gen. Vance states, “Effective immediately and until further notice, Vice-Admiral M.A.G. Norman will not exercise the powers, duties, and functions, including command of the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff (VCDS).”

Though the statement is dated Jan. 13, word of the removal broke early Monday morning with an ensuing media frenzy abuzz with the news.

The Department of Defence and Canadian Armed Forces have released limited information on the circumstances of Noman’s removal, and no explanation has been given, as of yet.

“The CDS has temporarily relieved the VCDS, VAdm Mark Norman, from the performance of military duty. For the time being, he will not be carrying out the functions of VCDS,” said LCol Jason Proulx, Public Affairs Adviser to the Chief of the Defence Staff.

VAdm. Norman has served with the Canadian Armed Forces for more than 30 years and was previously commander of the Royal Canadian Navy. He was appointed to VCDS in August 2016.

He has been replaced by Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd, currently the head of the Royal Canadian Navy, as the interim VCDS.

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