No Stone Left Alone Remembrance Ceremonies 2019

No Stone Left Alone (NSLA) is a charity that aims to honour the sacrifice and service of Canada’s military by educating young students and placing poppies on the headstones of veterans during Veterans Week every November. 

NSLA was launched in 2011 by Maureen G. Bianchini-Purvis, in recognition of the Canadian men and women who have sacrificed and lost their lives in service to their nation.

This year, the NSLA is hosting 113 events across Canada, engaging over 9,000 students and honouring the headstones of more than 62,000 veterans. The ceremonies aim to create a personal connection fostered in our youth. 

Tatum, from Jean Forest School, who attended an NSLA event in 2018, has said, “No Stone Left Alone taught me that when we don’t feel like doing something, or we don’t like it, we can’t give up because of all the soldiers that never gave up. If we give up, it’s like we’re giving up on the soldiers.”

“Taking part in No Stone Left Alone’s  Remembrance Day ceremony was truly an honor. It made me come to a realization that I never would have come to. Standing out in the cold made me realize how hard it was for the soldiers every day no matter what the weather was they were out in the battlefield fighting for us and the freedom of our country,” added Emily, another Jean Forest student.

Many other schools have taken part in Remembrance ceremonies held by NSLA. 

Katy, a student from St. Brendan School, explained, “Before going to the ceremony, I knew of the problems in the world, but I never really understood. But in the moment of silence we took, I felt like I was close with all the past soldiers. It was like I would finally understand how truly blessed I am to have everything I do.”

Madison from Olds High School added, “I believe this ceremony is important because it demonstrated how important history is to us today. In that moment, it did not matter what we looked like where we were from. All that matters is that we were part of this country. This ceremony bridges the gap between past and present, and I hope it will continue in our future, as we hope that no stone will ever be left alone again.”

NSLA is hosting Remembrance Week Ceremonies from November 4-9th, 2019. They are also hosting A Dance To Remember Gala on Saturday, November 9th, 2019. 

Details and tickets can be found on their website.

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