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Navy Appreciation Day 2014

Navy Appreciation Day 2014 was proudly hosted by the Navy League of Canada is took place on Parliament Hill today.

Events included a Navy Hero appreciation ceremony in the Senate Chambers, speeches by parliamentarians of all political stripes, and a magnificent reception at the end of the day, attended by hundreds of Parliamentarians, Industry partners, and most importantly, members of the Royal Canadian Navy.

“Canadians are proud of our Navy, and to ensure it remains able to respond when and where necessary, our Government has embarked on the most intensive and comprehensive period of fleet modernization and renewal in Canada’s peacetime history. While having the best equipment available is important to the mission, even more important are the men and women of the Navy who, through their dedication and professionalism, exemplify the best qualities of our Canadian Armed Forces,” said the Minister of Defence Rob Nicholson.

In addition to bringing the Royal Canadian Navy’s daily activities to light, this year’s Navy Appreciation Day will highlight how Canada is a maritime nation.

According to Doug Thomas, national executive director, Navy League wherever Canadian’s live they are dependant on water for transportation, commerce, food, minerals, power, employment, recreation and general quality of life. One third of the country’s gross domestic product is transported by water and 97% of its exports and imports, other than those shipped to and from the United States, are transported by ships.

“The health of the Canadian economy is dependant upon water transportation. Canadians are now realizing just how important water is as a resource commodity, and that it will likely be a major factor in future relations with other countries, particularly the United States,” said Thomas.

The Navy League of Canada was established in 1895 to promote an interest in Maritime Affairs generally throughout Canada.Today, The Navy League of Canada has a presence in over 260 Canadian communities. The modern Navy League focuses on three key programs including
Maritime Affairs, Royal Canadian Sea Cadets, and Navy League Cadets. These youth programs benefit 15,000 young Canadians every year, and continue to grow.

The Navy League of Canada maintains an abiding interest in the offshore industries, the condition of the marine environment, shipbuilding, transportation by water, use of the maritime regions for pleasure and tourism, a strong and ready Coast Guard, and a combat-capable Navy to protect and watch over Canadian interests.

The league also recognizes the importance and necessity of improving maritime facilities and maritime security in all Canadian territorial waters including the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific Oceans, the Great Lakes, and in the St. Lawrence River and similar major waterways.

For more information please visit www.navyleague.ca

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