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Holiday Theme Care Package Ideas 

Holidays are fast approaching and with many families separated due to deployments, now is a great time to send your loved one and friends care packages to boost their morale. 

Haven’t sent a care package before, or need help coming up with new ideas? Care packages can be sent any time of year, with themes to fit celebrations, holidays, and much more. Follow our weekly series to create a personalized care package for your loved one.

STEP 1: Pick a Theme. For this example,  we choose Advent Calendar to begin our series with, which consists of  25 individually wrapped gifts to open each day until Christmas!

STEP 2: Decorate interior of the box (sides, inside flaps, and bottom). Here is some inspiration!

STEP 3: Purchase and collect items that match your chosen theme. Need some additional ideas? Check out our items list below. 


Santa Hat

Christmas Ornament 

Festive Toilet Paper

Chocolate Orange/Toblerone

Mini Christmas Tree

Gift Card- online movies, music, and games

Chocolate Bars


Candy Canes

Deck of Cards

Pack of Gum

DVD / BlueRay

Card Game

Board Game


New Wrist Watch


Fake Snow

Long Distance Phone Card

Homemade Cookies

Ball cap or Toque (depending on location)

Family Photo


Handwritten Letter

Christmas Ornaments

Lego Kits



Novelty Mug

Word-search / Crossword / Sudoku Book

STEP 4: Include personalized items like handwritten letters, photos, children’s art, etc.

STEP 5: Address box clearly and tape box securely closed. Write and attach a list of the contents on the parcel. (Make sure to tell your loved one to not peek at the list).

STEP 6: Take the parcel to your nearest Military Family Resource Center (MFRC) or to Canada Post for free shipping!

For more information about mailing care packages visit the National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces website here.


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