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Amazing Race launches casting call for CAF personnel and family

The Amazing Race Canada, a show that has gotten our adrenaline pumping from the comfort of our homes for five seasons, is currently casting for season six and members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and their families and friends are a perfect fit with next year’s “Heroes” theme.

“For five seasons we have made summertime heroes out of all of our racers. But for season six, we always want to try to keep the show fresh and interesting, and we know our audience always responds well to great storytelling and great characters, so the idea of having a heroes theme lets us really be focused on finding a certain type of story to tell. But we also want to broaden what everybody definition is of a hero,” said Mike Bickerton senior producer, The Amazing Race Canada.

Bickerton feels members of the CAF, particularly, have a great story to tell.

“When it comes to the Canadian Armed Forces, there’s such a variety of men and women who serve in the forces and so many different stories and careers and pathways to getting to the forces and public service. Those stories are so amazing, and they really lend themselves to a show like Amazing Race Canada,” noted Bickerton.

Casting isn’t just limited to those in the Armed Forces as Amazing Race Canada is looking for heroes of all different backgrounds from teachers to coaches and even military families.

“Having family support is such a huge part of the Armed Forces that telling that story would be great as well because not all heroes wear uniforms, not all heroes have our country’s flag placed on what they wear every day, but they’re heroic nonetheless,” commented Bickerton.

Those interested in applying can just go to the Amazing Race Canada website and upload a three-minute introduction video.

“A casting video is a very simple three-minute introduction of a team introducing themselves to us. So, no crazy production value required. You just sit down on a couch, stand in your kitchen, somewhere where you two can just be the focus, and just introduce yourself to us and Canada,” explained Bickerton.

The Amazing Race Canada production team will then go through thousands of applications, do second-round interviews, meet with teams and finalize the cast for spring 2018. Season six is expected to premiere some time around Canada Day 2018.

Bickerton encourages CAF members and their families to apply not only for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the adrenaline rush, but to also get their stories out to the Canadian public.

“The Armed Forces in Canada is very near and dear to so many of our hearts. Whatever generation most Canadians have a connection to someone who has served in the Armed Forces. I think telling these stories and putting a face and a story to the institution, to the uniform, I think is just the most Canadian thing I can think of to do, letting people know what today’s military is all about, who are the service men and women serving the country, and who are their support systems that are doing their part at home to support our country,” said Bickerton.


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