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Moo, Baa, La La La, and other board books by Sandra Boynton

Well, in honour of my sister-in-law, and fellow military spouse, being pregnant, I thought I would devote this review to some of my favourite stories to share with babies and toddlers. Yes, you heard me – babies! A child is never too young to read to, and you help build important pre-literacy skills in your young children (including babies) by reading to them every day. There is also the perk benefit that it’s a wonderful opportunity to get some extra snuggles in.

Sandra Boynton has written a wonderful collection board books devoted to babies and toddlers. Both my children loved her stories, and they are my go-to gift for new parents. (The pictures of the books in this post are actually my own much loved copies.) Moo, Baa, La La La happens to be one of my favourites. The images are simple and delightful, the text is humorous, and it is a fun way to learn what sounds animals make. Your children will love it so much that you will have it memorized in no time! We did…

Some of my other favoured titles by Boynton are the Barnyard Dance, which begs to be sung at storytime; But Not The Hippopotamus, which is a fun and humorous tale about inclusion; Doggies, which will have everyone doing dog impressions to the amusement of your little one; and The Going to Bed Book, which is a lovely way to end a busy day with your little one.

All of these stories have a wonderful rhythm and rhyme that make them a pleasure to read. The images are not your typical babyish cartoons – her characters are drawn with character! The farm animals are delightfully oblivious while dancing in Barnyard Dance, each dog in Doggies exudes personality, and I don’t think I have every seen such a dejected hippo – or armadillo – as the ones in But Not The Hippopotamus.

With out a doubt, these books will provide hours of fun and reading for young children and their families.

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Deborah van der Linde

Deborah is a librarian who is passionate about books, storytelling, and writing. Thanks to her husband Adam’s military career, they have had the great fortune of living all across Canada. Deborah and Adam have two delightful children and a dog that thinks he’s one of the kids.

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