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And Then There Were None – by Agatha Christie

Did you know that there is now a miniseries based on And Then There Were None? I didn’t! How could I have entirely missed that this story was made into a miniseries? I am both excited and surprised. I am a huge mystery fan, and I love Agatha Christie, so this must be remedied. Accordingly, I will have to reread And Then There Were None, then watch the miniseries – nothing else will do. And you now know my plans for the weekend – or at least when I find my copy of the book… However, And Then There Were None is a classic Agatha Christie story, and if you have never read anything else by Christie, you should at least read this one. If you are a mystery lover, then you must especially read this one. According to, this is the story that launched her career, and, needless to say, the premise of And Then There Were None has certainly influenced many other stories, movies included (Clue, for example). On a side note, this book was also known as Ten Little Indians.

The story follows ten people, unknown to each other, who are all invited as guests to an isolated island home – well, mansion. Each of the ten has their own dark secret, and none of them know their Island host. Soon after arrival, the characters start being murdered off one by one… And that is as much as I am saying about the plot for fear of giving something away.

You will notice that, along with the front cover of the book, I’ve included the back cover as well. I did this solely because I love the write-up on it, and how it is reminiscent of a poem. There is something so very chilling and creative about it. Actually, there is a poem called “Ten Little Indians,” and one version of it was included in the 1945 version of the movie (thank you, Wikipedia!). I do believe the new miniseries also has a version of the poem. Truthfully, even though I like the book description, I am not at all fond of the actual poem.

Anyway, as mentioned, there is a new miniseries based on this book, released in 2015. It looks suspenseful, to say the least. Take a peek – here’s the trailer:

And Then There Were None

And if you want to know more about what Wikipedia said, click here


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