Source Handler Operators with Joint Task Force X Applications Currently Open

Applications are currently open for highly skilled Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members to serve as Source Handler Operators with Joint Task Force X.

The Canadian Forces Intelligence Command (CFINTCOM) is currently looking for volunteers who are “highly motivated” and “mentally and physically fit” to take up this mantle.

“The collection of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) enhances the understanding of operational environments, plays a critical role in supporting CAF expeditionary operations, and provides commanders with time-sensitive actionable intelligence.

“Source Handler Operators (SHOP) are specially trained professionals employed in Joint Task Force X, who typically operate in small teams that plan their own operations using specific tradecraft and tactics to identify, collect, and distribute HUMINT,” stated CANFORGEN 0062/23 announcing the open position.

SHOP gathers this information by fostering relationships with members of the local community in a host nation.

The Canadian Forces Intelligence Command (CFINTCOM) is currently looking for volunteers who are “highly motivated” and “mentally and physically fit” to take up this mantle. Above image: Ex RAPID GUNNER 1: 30th Field Artillery Regiment conducted Ex RAPID GUNNER 1 from 28 to 30 October at 4th Canadian Division Support Base Petawawa to refresh and hone their skills as Gunners. Phot by: Bdr Maxime Côté

Requirements for Source Handler Operators

Source Handler Operators’ duties are demanding, so CFINTCOM states that “motivation, integrity, and maturity are assessed.” Strong leadership skills and working within small teams are also highly recommended.

Applicants should also be able to work within high-stress environments for long periods, according to the CANFORGEN.

Other requirements include, for officers:

  • Proficiency in reading, writing and oral communication in English
  • Rank SLT/LT to LT(N)/Capt.
  • MOSID: any except 00349
  • Must meet minimum medical category

For NCMs:

  • Rank: CPl./SL1 to WO/PO1
  • Any MOSID
  • Medical category: whatever minimum for MOSID
  • Regular Force must meet eligibility criteria for voluntary occupation transfer
  • Primary Reserve must meet eligibility criteria for component transfer.

Requirements for all applicants:

  • Must reach Operationally Functional Point in present occupation
  • Hold valid force test
  • Must have secondary school graduation certificate or QC secondary V or equivalent
  • Must have Level II security clearance with the potential to attain Level III
  • Valid driver’s license

All applicants must also attend a virtual recruiting brief or participate in a telephone interview with JTF X Recruiting Officers. Interviews can be arranged via: AT JTFX(UNDERSCORE)RECRUITING(AT)http://FORCES.GC.CA .

Important Dates

According to the CANFORGEN, the next Source Handler Assessment Centre will take place in fall 2023.

For those interested, a notice of intent should be submitted no later than July 28, 2023. These should be submitted to the CF INT GP PSO. The unit commanding officer and career manager should be notified.

Home units are then responsible for submitting completed applications to the local W/BPSO, who will then determine eligibility and hold interviews if applicable.

The applications must be sent off no later than Sept. 1.

Submitted Applications

Once applicants have submitted all the required paperwork, proof and forms, their applications will go through a competitive process. Those who are deemed suitable for the Source Handler Assessment Centre will be the only applicants contacted.

Those officers who successfully pass this phase will be sent to the Source Handling Operator Course starting Jan. 2024. If they are successful, they will then be considered for posting to or “class B/C contract at JTF X for a period of not less than three years.”

Those NCM members who pass the Source Handler Assessment Centre phase will be posted to CFB Kingston and begin training in the fall of 2024.

Complete details on how to apply, forms necessary to fill and submit, and other procedures for all those interested are available: HTTP://INTRANET.MIL.CA/EN/ORGANIZATIONS/CFINTCOM/JTF-X.PAGE.


Application extensions. Can be submitted to CF INT GP PSO AT JTFX(UNDERSCORE)RECRUITING(AT)http://FORCES.GC.CA .

Questions can be directed to CF INT GP PSO AT 613-541-5010 EXT 7941 OR JTFX(UNDERSCORE)RECRUITING(AT)http://FORCES.GC.CA.

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