Call for Applications for Joint Task Force X Source Handler Operators

Applications for this highly demanding yet rewarding job are open for Regular or Reserve Force members and should have reached the Operationally Functional Point in their present occupation. Above image: Canada’s Leopard 2 fleet provides the Canadian Army with superior, mobile and aggressive firepower on the battlefield. Leopard 2s are most effective when operating as part of a close-knit combat team working in close coordination. Image courtesy of CAF. 

In a bid to bolster its intelligence-gathering capabilities, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is actively seeking “highly motivated” individuals to fill crucial roles in human intelligence (HUMINT) collection.

“HUMINT plays a critical role in CAF expeditionary operations worldwide, providing commanders with time-sensitive actionable intelligence,” stated CANFORGEN 040/24, announcing the open positions.

Source Handler Operators

HUMINT, the collection of intelligence through interpersonal contact and human sources, plays an indispensable role in enhancing the understanding of operational environments for CAF commanders. Specifically, Joint Task Force X (JTF X) is seeking Source Handler Operators (SH OP)s.

“Source Handler Operators (SH OP) are specially trained HUMINT professionals employed in Joint Task Force X (JTF X), who typically operate in small teams that plan their own operations using specific tradecraft and tactics. SH OP are trained to identify, collect, and distribute HUMINT by developing and nurturing relationships with members of the local community in order to generate intelligence for the commander,” added the CANFORGEN.

The next Source Handler Assessment Centre will occur in October 2024.

Who can apply?

The role of a Source Handler is demanding, requiring individuals with exceptional leadership, integrity, and physical fitness. Successful candidates must demonstrate the ability to operate effectively in high-stress environments, often with minimal supervision.

Applications for this highly demanding yet rewarding job are open for Regular or Reserve Force members and should have reached the Operationally Functional Point in their present occupation.

They should also hold:

  • a valid Force Test,
  • have a secondary school graduation certificate,
  • have Level II security clearance with the ability to attain Level III and
  • have a valid driver’s license.

Officer & NCM Requirements

Specific requirements for commissioned versus non-commissioned members are as follows:


  • Rank must be SLT/LT to LT(N)/Capt
  • Any MOSID is accepted
  • Must meet the minimum medical category for current occupation.

Non-commissioned members

  • Rank is Cpl./S1 to WO/PO1
  • Any MOSID
  • Medical Category is as per MOSID requirements
  • Regular Force members must meet the eligibility criteria for Voluntary Occupation Transfer.
  • Primary Reserve members must meet eligibility for Component Transfer.

Application Process

Applicants will undergo a rigorous assessment process. Only those deemed suitable during this evaluation will progress to further training and deployment.

The application process involves submitting a Notice of Intent (NOI) by July 26, 2024, followed by a comprehensive application package to be forwarded through the chain of command. Candidates must also attend an in-person or virtual information brief to gain insights into the role and expectations.

Upon successful completion of the SHAC, candidates will undergo specialized training:

Officer applicants enrolling in the Source Handling Operator Course (SHOC) starting in January 2025.

Non-Commissioned Members selected for transfer will undergo training at CFB Kingston BTL, commencing in Fall 2025.

Maintaining operational security (OPSEC) throughout the application and selection process is paramount. Applicants are instructed to refrain from discussing their applications outside designated channels.

More Information & Questions

For more information and detailed instructions and guidelines to apply, visit the JTF X homepage here (accessible only on the National Defence network).

Questions pertaining to recruiting and selection should be directed to the CF INT GP PSO at 613-541-5010 ext 7941 or JTFX(UNDERSCORE)RECRUITING(AT)FORCES.GC.CA.

All forms can be found on the JTF X homepage here (accessible only on the National Defence network)

Application extension requests must be submitted to the CF INT GP PSO at JTFX(UNDERSCORE)RECRUITING(AT)FORCES.GC.CA [[email protected]] and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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