Deploying troops begin pre-deployment isolation period

Above image: Members from Garrison Petawawa are addressed by Colonel J Adair, left, as they prepare to depart for deployment, June 18 2020. Photo By: Aviator Melissa Gloude, Garrison Imaging Petawawa.

Today troops departed Canadian Forces Base Petawawa to begin their pre-deployment isolation period at CFB Kingston. 

The 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, part of 4th Canadian Division (4 Can Div) soldiers, will be isolating for 14-days before heading to their overseas deployments. 

Members from Garrison Petawawa are addressed by Colonel J Adair as they prepare to depart for OP IMPACT, June 18 2020. Photo By: Aviator Melissa Gloude, Garrison Imaging Petawawa.

“Members from 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group are constantly training to be ready to assist with any mission. While we are focused on training to fight and win in the worst case, we always stand ready to excel at any mission given to us, whether it be in Canada or abroad. The departure of our troops, especially amidst the ongoing pandemic, signifies our brigade’s adaptability and commitment to readiness. And our readiness extends beyond those on our team who wear a uniform. We are lucky in Petawawa and Gagetown to have great support coming from our families and our local communities,” said Colonel Jason Adair, Commander, 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group.

Isolating before their overseas deployment ensures the soldiers are healthy and COVID-19 free when they deploy on Operation REASSURANCE in Central and Eastern Europe, on Operation IMPACT in the Middle East, and Operation UNIFIER in Ukraine. 

Brigadier-General Conrad Mialkowski, Commander, 4th Canadian Division.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada’s military enforces force health protection measures such as pre- and post-deployment isolation periods to prevent the spread of the virus while maintaining operational effectiveness and carrying out essential missions stated the press release. 

“The Canadian Armed Forces are ready at all times to conduct military operations, at home and abroad – and the men and women of 4th Canadian Division preparing to depart for their overseas deployments are demonstrating just that. Having conducted their pre-deployment training during this unexpected pandemic environment shows their agility and proves their ability to meet challenges head-on. These soldiers, sailors, and aviators are a professional, mission-ready force going into their deployments well equipped to work with and support our allies in Europe and in the Middle East,” said Brigadier-General Conrad Mialkowski, Commander, 4th Canadian Division.

This is the second group of soldiers from CFB Petawawa to depart for CFB Kingston. The first group left on June 18, 2020. 

Spread across 46 Ontario communities and comprising of more than 15,000 men and women, 4 Cdn Div also includes 26 First Nation Patrol Groups in Northern Ontario.

With the Canadian Army assigning a different Division each year to take on the role of Road to High Readiness in preparation for a year of High Readiness 4 Cdn Div is now in High Readiness. After a year spent on being on the Road to High Readiness, personnel from the Division are currently deploying on missions and operations around the world.

Members from Garrison Petawawa are addressed by Colonel J Adair as they prepare to depart for OP IMPACT, June 18 2020. Photo By: Aviator Melissa Gloude, Garrison Imaging Petawawa

From July 2020 to July 2021, 4 Cdn Div is the Canadian Army’s High Readiness division. The press release noted the Division is committed to preparing well-trained, well-led, and well-equipped soldiers for national or expeditionary deployments, as mandated by the Government of Canada.

The current international operations include: 

      • Operation IMPACT
      • Operation REASSURANCE
      • Operation UNIFIER

Part of the Canadian Government’s approach to the Middle East region, Operation Impact complements the work of Canadian government agencies such as Global Affairs Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in building military capabilities in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon. The work sets the conditions for the countries’ long-term success noted the press release.

Master-Bombardier Amanda Davies (left) of Female Engagement Team (FET), as part of the Joint Task Force Operation-IMPACT in Jordan, runs a live rifle range with a female Jordanian infantry soldier in Amman on December 10, 2019. Photo: Cpl Jerome Lessard courtesy of CAF.

Part of NATO assurance and deterrence measures Operation REASSURANCE in Central and Eastern Europe has CAF members aim to reinforce NATO’s collective defence. 

The CAF support to NATO helps ensure Central and Eastern Europe’s security and stability.

And based in the Ukraine, Operation UNIFIER is the CAF mission to support the Security Forces there. The operation’s focus is to assist with security force training to help the country build on and improve its capability and capacity of Ukraine’s Security Forces. Ukraine’s eastern border is with Russia. 

The CAF coordinates its efforts with the U.S. and other countries that provide the same type of support. Military training is one part of Canada’s overall support to Ukraine.

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