Rolling Barrage heading across country to raise money and break PTSD stigma 

This August, for the third year running, Canadian Armed Forced Veterans and First Responders across the country will be taking part in the Rolling Barrage.

From August 6th through 21st, motorcyclists will ride across the nation to raise funds in support and awareness of PTSD.

The name Rolling Barrage is an homage to the Canadian use of Artillery at the Battle of Vimy Ridge – a rolling barrage of artillery fire going before the troops. The campaign’s slogan speaks for itself: “Some wounds are invisible. We aren’t.”

The Rolling Barrage was started in 2017 by Cpl (ret’d) Scott Casey, who also now serves as the current president and CEO of Military Minds Inc.

The international organization has evolved from an online peer support group to connecting both serving and retired military personnel and first responders who have suffered traumatic events to find the support they need.

“The Society has become more aware of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, but there is still a stigma to seeking help for mental health,” said Brett Gale, the national media representative for the Rolling Barrage 2019.

Though the fundraiser was started by Military Minds Inc., the ride is not just for military members, veterans, or first responders, but is open to all to participate. In fact, the group actively encourage civilians to take part as a show of support to the military and first responders.

Gathering in Halifax, NS, on August 5th, the event is billed as a motorcycle rally and riders are encouraged to join for any leg of the journey, or just stop in and say hello along the way.

You can register for any section or sections of the ride online at The Rolling Barrage’s website.

Each day has a different leg of the journey scheduled:

Halifax to Sidney on August 6

Sidney to Charlottetown on August 7

Charlottetown to Fredericton on August 8

Fredericton to Montmagny on August 9

Montmagny to Hawkesbury on August 10

Hawkesbury to Petawawa on August 11

Petawawa to Barrie on August 12

Barrie to Sault Ste Marie on August 13

Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay on August 14

Thunder Bay to Winnipeg on August 15

Winnipeg to Regina on August 16

Regina to Saskatoon on August 17

Saskatoon to Okotoks on August 18

Okotoks to Cranbrook on August 19

Cranbrook to Kelowna on August 20

Kelowna to Burnaby on August 21

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